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Monday, August 27, 2012

Tiny Music...Songs from Various Record Shops II -- Walking With Thee by Clinic

As I'm failing to focus on any group long enough to create a distinct article on anything. I've decided to break down the things I pick up and explain the whys, wherefores, and sometimes the end results of the purchases I've made semi-recently, via short discussions of each that I began previously.

Part 1 can be found here.

This series will take us from my first "classic" period Bad Seeds album through to the far more obscure Kno album Death Is Silent, as seen (somewhat blurrily, for which I apologize, but I do not have the discs handy to replicate and touch up the photo!) below:
 Today, we have Scousers Clinic and their second album, Walking With Thee.

I first looked at this album because it was released on the Domino Records label, which released the Scottish post punk bands Orange Juice (via the fantastic and almost-completely-complete Coals to Newcastle box) and Josef K (via the Entomology compilation, which is the only Josef K title in print, barring the live album, Crazy to Exist), which would be enough but they've handled UK distribution of bands like Pavement and Galaxie 500, so there's some pedigree as well as historical respect involved with the label. Still, I picked it up--in the literal, physical sense--and couldn't get a solid idea of what the album was, and even left it where I'd found it, despite the $1.50 price. I'd never heard of Clinic, and saw some weird comments about the album's lyrical content that seemed to be supported by the title Walking with Thee, as well as the implication that this album was a disappointment in the band's oeuvre. However, I stumbled into the Amazon reviews emphasizing the song "Welcome" and decided to give it a shot:

"Okay," I thought, "I've made a grave mistake." So I returned and picked up the album with a few others--a whole mess of "2 for $3" was going on.

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