Musings on music, old, new, popular and obscure. Post punk, metal, hip-hop, funk, and rock in general. A music fan with a desire to lose boundaries on what should and should not be listened to writes about experience in music from a listener's perspective, hopefully unhindered by prior expectation.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How Does It Feel to Be Back?

I've been quiet for some time now as I've been in the process of moving--as I still am--which has limited my time to write here. However, I've now isolated my stereo and my music in their own room to allow for plenty of un-distracted listening. Once I get an appropriate chair in place, at least, which will hopefully inspire some expansion here, as music has not at all disappeared from my daily experience.

That the band from which I derived the title of this blog just responded to me on Facebook and shared what I wrote about them some time ago has certainly inspired the idea of expanding here again too, to be sure.

Stay tuned, as I intend to get more in here when I get a chance!
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