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Saturday, January 19, 2013

A New Blog

In the interest of serving something that came along while I was writing this blog and attempting to find a way to expand my reader base, I have opened a new--far more active--blog at another location.

Verging on Vinyl should contain the same wit and thoughtfulness (or combination/lack thereof) found here at There's Something in the Gold We're Digging, but with a more specific emphasis: reviewing my record collection, some of which I've paid little (or even no!) attention to as I've amassed it. It's a response to the numerous (often terrible) blogs inspired by 1001 Albums You Must Listen to Before You Die, that write insipid, shallow commentary that doesn't even do much to establish personal feelings, let alone show the intent to become a music history "autodidact".

I hope to see you there, even if 99% of you are actually just looking for downloads or cover art from things I've talked about in the past here.
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